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Website Design - Call for a quote

Display your company to the masses with our Website Design service!
Websites are a great way to reach a wider audience which enables growth and expansion of your business. An online presence, aside from a social media presence, will build your business’ identity. A business website aids in creating brand awareness and is a powerful tool for marketing and publicity. It adds the professional touch needed in order to be viewed as a reputable establishment. With our service, we guarantee to provide you with an attention grabbing and unique website according to your vision and style.

Graphic & Logo Design - Call for a quote

Your logo defines you. We’ll create a logo up to your standards and according to your vision!
Logos are what people will refer back to when thinking about or discussing your company. They make your business professional and are a great way to keep customers coming back to a familiar brand/ service/ company. Selecting a logo is a tedious and crucial process, therefore it’s important to have clear communication with the designers. Our designers will work with you throughout the entire process until you feel completely satisfied with the final product!

Business & Personal Flyers - Starting at $95.00

Get your message across clearly or promote a special event or service!
Flyers are a traditional and effective way to provide the public with information. No matter the matter, we can create a capturing flyer for both personal and business needs. Here at Centurion Graphics & Printing, we believe in creating high quality, well-crafted, and original flyers to catch the audience's eye and let them know that your business is here; you offer a service and there is no need to look any further.

Business Cards - Starting at $50.00

Remind your customers of your business every time they reach in their wallets with a striking business card!
With business cards, you have control over how it looks and where it goes. You also have discretion over the content of your card, as well as your strategy on how to use them. Plus, business cards are small enough for the recipient to keep in a wallet or purse. A lot of people even have special containers or binders in which they keep business cards for later reference. They never stop working. We guarantee a FREE, distinctive, and stunning design for your cards.

Brochures - Starting at $175.00

Remind your customers when they open their wallet with eye popping business cards.
Flyers not only help you convey a special event or service, they are used to inform, specify, and provide details. In this day and age, if it isnt attached to a screen and is clickable, people dont normally hold onto it for more than a few seconds. Here at Centurion Graphics and Printing, we believe in creating high quality, beautifully crafted, radiant flyers that catch the customers eye and make it stick in their minds that your buisness is here, you offer a service, and that there is no need to look further.

Car Magnets - Starting at

Advertise your business with ease with Car Magnets.
Car magnets are one of the best ways to advertise because it pays for itself over and over again. You will never again find yourself shorthanded on business cards when you have all your contact information on the side of your car. Drivers, pedestrians, and potential customers will be able to see your advertisment with no extra effort for you. Your car is your best advertising tool because its always with you! When it comes down to it, why not use it?

Door Hangers - Starting at $175.00

Leave your company’s message in every room with door hangers!
Door hangers allow you to advertise your company without you having to be in the same room. You can place it on a door knob and walk away knowing that your business is casually and continuously being promoted. It is a hands-off approach to the very hands-on act of advertisement. Place and go, simple as that.

Postcards - Starting at $95.00

Send a reminder in the mail about your business with a beautiful postcard!
You may not always be able to get to your customer directly, bu you can always send them a good ol’ fashioned postcard. They are an effective tool to bring back customers who have not returned in a while, new promotions, or news about you business. We design your postcards to capture all of the important detailed and never leave out the overall message of your business.

Posters - Call for a quote

Posters are more useful than you may believe!
Posters can be used for a variety of things: aesthetic, design, events, advertising, and awareness. Whether it be posted in a bedroom or waiting room, they can be used to showcase and convey messages to the viewers. We can help you present key information about your company and what you have to offer your customers without you having to speak to them directly. Inform them while they wait.

Real Estate Signage - Call for a quote

Let your properties stand out with our Real Estate Signage!
When drivers pass by your home for sale, you want them to see your sign and stop by. We design simple and elegant signs to get attention from bypassers. Let’s get your listed home noticed!